EasyCashier Mini Market P.O.S System & Advisory

We provide "EasyCashier Mini Market P.O.S. System", a dedicated POS System which was developed for the mini market environment, multi-counter, multi-outlet. Full ranges of software module which can caters all the business owner's need. Beside selling the system, we also provide end-to-end "Advisory" on know-how, in system implementation & data analysis services.

EasyCashier P.O.S System For General Retail And Food & Beverage

We provide wide range of P.O.S System which from general retail, fashion & shoes matrix, Food & Beverage and more...... No only standard P.O.S. System you can get from us, we also can provide customization to suite your retail business need.

SQL Accounting System & SQL Payroll System

We provide full range of SQL Software Products Sales, Services ,Training Support & Customize Add-on Modules, to suite your business needs. We are the first in Johor, which can provide customized module to integrated with SQL Products.

EasyTMS Time Attendance System

A quick & easy "Time Attendance System", which can be used for office & small medium factory. With simple setup & support various of Time Clock machine, the Human Resource staff can process the attendance record, in a minimum time spending.

Software Customization

We provide complete full software development cycle in developing software for your organization. With more than 20 years experience in the business environment & developed more than 100+ customized software, we will be able to provide you a good customized software & minimized your work burden.

Business Outsourcing For Account, Payroll & IT

We provide off-site Accounting & Payroll Services for your company either in Monthly or Yearly. We keep our software updated against with the government rule & regulation, to manage your Account work & Payroll work in proper way.